Dear Senators,

Yours is the final decision to implement Obamacare through a state exchange. Many of you have pretended that this is the "sovereign" choice for Idaho, but we both know that is a twisting of the truth, a marketing ploy. I will work hard through the RLC and any other means possible to expose the betrayal that a state exchange is, and how you all either knew it or have absolutely no excuse for not knowing it. Obamacare is getting more unpopular every day, and as it does we will hold those of you who bring it upon us responsible. When insurance costs more than double (minimum qualifying plan $20,000 per year), we will hold you accountable. If Oklahoma wins its lawsuit, we will hold you accountable for not listening to the liberty and conservative organizations and for not waiting. When the seed money for a state exchange is gone, and Idaho is left paying the bills, we will hold you accountable for recklessly agreeing to something that came with no limits, assurances, or guarantees (cost projections in Michigan were $800,000 over ten years for a state exchange). You don’t know what you are agreeing to, how much it will cost, and the agreement leaves HHS with the ability to make any changes they deem appropriate. And this agreement is with a party that has a long history of abusing its agreements with Idaho–for instance, how many pairs of wolves did you limit the federal government to when you gave it permission to initiate wolf introduction? When you have given them permission to set up shop, when have they not abused it?

You are bringing misery upon Idaho and we will remember who did it. Not Obama, not even Otter, no, it was our state legislature that made the final decision to socialize medicine in Idaho, removing all financial and legal obstacles to Obamacare. I promise to join the effort to let the public know the extent to which they were betrayed in this fiasco. I will join any class action suit that capitalizes on the conflict in law that you have created between the Health Freedom Act, and your current actions. I will work hard to promote and back those courageous legislators who fought this corrupt piece of fascist garbage. I have already been hearing how the man on the street sees this as evidence that there is really little difference between the Democrats and the Republicans once the campaigning is over. There is no doubt that this legislation will be prime evidence of who you all really are, for a long time to come.

Gresham Bouma

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