Battle Over State Exchange Not Over

For those of you who don’t already know, the Idaho Senate last week passes a bill authorizing the implementation of a State Health Insurance Exchange. The last stage the legislation must go through is the Idaho House, so it can still be stopped there. Traditionally the House has been more conservative and responsive to its base than the Senate. The federal government wants a state exchange more than anything else because it removes all sorts of potential legal impediments, as well as gives them powers that they only posses over us (the people) if our state government grants them.

Below is a copy from Suzie Alford’s email giving contact info:
Please help…“Spread the word”…!!! Email the below contact information to all your friends. The House Business committee, the Gang of 16, the Governor and the House need to hear our opinions.

The State Healthcare Exchange bill has been referred to the House Business committee. These (6) “Gang of 16” members are on the committee. They need to hear from their constituents…and the rest of us too.

Please call:
Brandon Hixon (D10) Caldwell 332-1000
Rick Youngblood (D12) Nampa 332-1000
Cindy Agidius (D5) Moscow 332-1000
Ed Morse (D2) Hayden Lake 332-1000
Lance Clow (D24) Twin Falls 332-1000
Clark Kauffman (D25) Filer 332-1000

Please email the”Gang of 16”
Rep. Luke Malek(,
Rep. Neil Anderson(,
Rep. Kelley Packer(,
Rep. Rick Youngblood(,
Rep. Ed Morse(,
Rep. Brandon Hixon(,
Rep. Lance Clow(,
Rep. Robert Anderst(,
Rep. Thomas Dayley(,
Rep. Clark Kauffman(,
Rep. Steven Miller(,
Rep. Julie VanOrden(,
Rep. Paul Romrell(,
Rep. Douglas Hancey(,
Cindy Agidius (email her at
Wendy Horman (email her at

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