Open Letter to Our Senators (also sent directly to them)

Dear Senators,

With sequestration at the Federal level becoming more and more likely, it brings home the fact that the federal government does not have the financial resources to keep its current programs running at current levels. Only a fool would believe that our federal government will be able to come through on promises to spend more yet, given its absolute insolvency. Therefor implementing an expensive state exchange is a cost we cannot afford as a state. We will be left holding the bag on some or all of the cost of a state exchange as well as the cost of an even more socialized medical system. Nor can we afford to expand Medicaid, increasing dependency even as the system of entitlements is crumbling under its own weight. Are we really in a recovery? What happens when the federal government cuts spending? Can we afford to introduce more inefficiency and therefor cost into medicine and government through Obamacare? You guys are supposed to be leader. Leaders should be able to look several years down the road and anticipate obvious problems coming at us. Since there is no example of government taking anything over from the private sector and improving it, please reject this destructive leap of blind faith and make free market reforms in medicine, here in Idaho, to start to undo the government created problems crippling medicine.


Gresham Bouma

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