Obamacare is Perhaps the Real Assault on the 2nd Amendment

If we allow Obamacare to become the law in Idaho because we get so focused on the 2nd Amendment issues that we ignore it, then I am afraid that we have been bested by a tactical diversion. The real threat to our 2nd Amendment rights may actually be in Obamacare itself.

By now most of us know that Obama signed an Executive Order clarifying whether doctors could ask patients about guns in their houses. Put that information together with the fact that everyone seems to agree that guns should not be possessed by people with mental problems. Secondly, Obamacare puts the Federal government squarely in charge of diagnosis and treatments of such things. A state managed Health Insurance Exchange would consolidate all the information and power necessary to strip 2nd Amendment rights from those of us crazy enough to be worried about our Constitutional rights being usurped.

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