Senate Addressing Obamacare Today

Please call to oppose a state health exchange today. The capital # is 800/626-0471. I also sent the following written communicaiton:

Dear Senators,

The recent Supreme Court decision regarding PPACA made one thing clear: that while it was not unconstitutional for the federal government to attempt to entice the states to cooperate, the states do so at their own discretion, and are not obligated to yield to the "Federal blandishments". Since we all know that in order to implement Obamacare the federal government needs your collusion, it begs the question as to why would you cooperate in this socialization of medicine? If medicine is destroyed by bureaucracy here in Idaho, it is not Obama’s fault, it is yours. It is your choice to offer Idaho up to this corruption of medicine and the market place. If you take this stand against patients and doctors, and for big government and big medicine, I ask again, why? The only argument I have heard from the Governor’s office is that we are required by law to do it, that is pure hogwash and by now more and more of us know it. In the future more will know it yet. You will not be able to hide behind ignorance on this one. So if you sell the people out to the Big Blues and the Hospital Association, just be honest and tell us that is what you are doing.

Your very concerned citizen,
Gresham Bouma

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