Obamacare, The Gift to the Medical Industrial Complex

The following is a letter I sent to all our Idaho Senators:
Dear Senators,

While we are being told that we must choose between a state health exchange or a federal one, we know that is not the whole story. There is no doubt that our state can elect not to yield to the”Federal blandishments” in Obamacare. Justice Roberts made it clear in his majority opinion. It was, however, the dissenting opinion that pointed to the huge money to be made by the biggest players in medicine and insurance thanks to this legislation that attempts to destroy what little is left of a free market in the field. Many of us are under no illusion as to why many of you are so quickly abandoning your posture supporting the health freedom of Idaho’s citizens. Some of Idaho’s most influential corporations, the Big Blues, see the state exchange as an opportunity to consolidate Idaho’s already perverted health insurance market. The question for you as legislators is, will you give Idaho’s consumers as a gift to big insurance and big medicine? Will you cooperate in trussing us up in bureaucratic red tape and surgical tubing as an offering to the medical industrial complex? If you do so the PPACA with its mandated abortion coverage will force me out of the market, since I refuse to buy coverage that pays for what I abhor.

Additionally, with the level of government market protection already in place the pharmaceuticals have gone nuts with the number of recommended inoculations for our children. By law, they have no liability when side effects show up. How much more power will you give them? Since a state exchange would centralize all the medical and financial records of the people, the doors would open wide to mandating whatever inoculation schedule fit the interests of those selling them. Do they really have the best interests of my children in mind? Do you? I know that I do. And I know that those decisions are mine. Take them away and you are threatening my family. You are collectivizing decisions that belong to us parents and stripping us of our constitutionally recognized rights. Obamacare is a personal assault on my freedom and my family, and if you acquiesce to it you join in that assault. Instead I ask you to consider free market reforms such as Dr. Loel Fenwick has recommended and been promoting across the state and nation. Allow us to buy insurance from whomever we want, and whatever coverage we want. Please.

Thank you for hearing my concerns and for the work you do to protect my rights.


Gresham Bouma

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