Good Policy, Bad Strategy

While it is very good policy to hold the line on raising taxes on anyone, it is bad strategy right now in DC. The left has set up the so called "fiscal cliff" to be the cause of the next recession when in actuality it is going to happen no matter what, due to the following: Obamacare, the constant stealth tax via the printing presses, and our history of parabolic overspending in DC. The only question now is who is being set up to get the blame, and the answer is us. Obama wants to go over the cliff so he can blame the Republicans for the next stage down economically. He gets everything he wants if we go over the cliff: higher taxes, lower military spending and the ability to blame the Republicans for the next "recession". And he can follow it up with tax cuts to the middle class and some restored military spending (which we will cooperate with) and get to pose as someone looking out for those two groups. A strategic retreat is in order if we are to put him in check-mate instead of he, us. If our House republicans see all that, don’t confuse an arguably good strategy with bad policy. I hope they point out all the things above, grudgingly give him his way on taxing the rich, and leave him owning the economic trouble coming our way.

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