Government Painting Charts

This article shows in part how government paints the manufacturing chart. It simply has to get Government Motors to cooperate in putting pressure on its dealer network to increase inventory. In economic reporting Government paints the GDP chart with deficit spending. Employment figures, the government publishes, ignore the impact of discouraged workers, part time work and shrinking wages. The chronic economic disaster is hidden systematically and in numerous ways. Virtual bread lines are over 47 million long and do you really believe we are in recovery? While negotiations to deepen the debt hole (raise the ceiling?) get the spotlight, expect Obamacare to do the real damage as businesses cut hours, drop insurance, and in some cases simply close the doors. But the media keeps the spotlight where they want it, and so bright that all the important stuff is in the shadows. Benghazi? So what? Obamacare? Who cares? Total debt? Sustainability is adding to it indefinitely. Our leaders pretend it is all legitimate, and the king parades naked while the tailors rob the blind, gapping crowd.
GM Channel Stuffing WTF!? | ZeroHedge::…g-wtf

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