America’s Shrinking Net Worth

To win economically you must produce more than you consume, and invest the difference. We have not done that here in the land of the free for at least 3 decades and our days of reconing appear to be pretty close. One of these days it will be time to stop feeding the parasite. It will be time to just throw in the towel, declare government the winner, and all rush to the low side of the ship and just let it roll over. While it promises to be a nasty event, the longer it is put off, the less the likelihood that the old ship will ever right itself once it happens. If you don’t like to sound of that, well then it is time to fight for your freedom. Start by calling all your state legislators to oppose a state managed Obamacare Exchange. Remind them that Idaho is supposed to be a sovereign entity. Learn your history. Understand your rights to life, liberty, and property. Pay attention to what your children are taught in school, it is your God-given responsibilty. If we let the socialists (Secular Humanists) teach the next generation, don’t expect the next generation to believe in unalienable (God-given) rights to life, liberty, and property.
Study: American Households Hit 43-Year Low In Net Worth « CBS DC::…worth

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