Asia Times “Post US World”

The world correctly sees us as a nation in rapid decline, and the foreign press is willing to say things that our own media will just cover up. Our decline is not inevitable, it is our own choice. To succeed economically is not complex. You simply must produce more than you consume, and invest the difference. We have not done that for decades and instead pretend to mandate prosperity for all, while really giving power and wealth to the politically favored. Also of interest is that half way around the world they know how economically destructive Obamacare is even while I can scarcely get support for a resolution opposing it within our local Republican Party. Consider this quote from the article: "And America’s strength as an innovator and incubator of entrepreneurs has diminished drastically since the 2008 crisis, no thanks to the Obama administration, which imposed a steep task on start-up businesses in the form of its healthcare program."
Asia Times Online :: Post-US world born in Phnom Penh::

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