Government spending creates several forms of dependency. One is the individual dependency of welfare recipients that this article observes. The other, more ominous, is the economic dependency that most countries in Western Civilization are trapped in. Once you have built too much economic dependency on government spending it becomes painful to cut spending since it creates immediate economic contraction, so the only option politically palatable is to keep on spending. So governments spend at an increasing rate even as the private sector shrinks in relative size. This goes on until it can’t any longer, and governments (and economies) fail right when dependency peaks. I have to ask, what is safe about the whole "safety net" when it becomes a snare with no way out? The”fiscal cliff” that the press is wringing its hands about is evidence we are stuck in the debt trap with no easy way out. When our politicians must pick between depression now or worse later, they always pick the second option.
Welfare spending jumps 32% during Obama’s presidency – Washington Times::…age=1

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