Ranchers The Threatened Specie

With the media whipping up outrage over this removal of a wolf-pack that adapted to eating beef, it is the western rancher that will lose his profit margin and therefor his livelihood if things don’t change soon. To wipe out the average business you just need to reduce revenue or add to expenses by a relatively small amount and it is no longer a viable business. Wolves do this to many western ranchers. With Forest Service leases that once providing high quality forage no longer a safe place to feed cattle, the rancher’s cost of production goes up significantly. Even private land in rural areas loses its value as range. The implications for the rest of the rural west are that our economy is damaged. When our ranchers thrive we all benefit, whether the money they make recharges our local economies, or their low cost of production helps keep the cost of food lower, the benefits ripple out from every successful rural business. Even more important, however, is the fact that their ability to pursue their hopes and dreams, to feed their children, to bless their neighbors all goes out the window because of the success of this strategy to use this non-resident wild dog transplanted from northern Canada. The resident animal that had been here had very different packing instincts, was not as large, was more reclusive, and was simply not doing the economic or ecological damage that this imported wolf is doing.
Killing of wolf pack criticized by key Washington state lawmaker – U.S. News:: usnews.nbcnews.com/_news/2012/09/29/14151323-killi…?lite

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