Beware of”Robin Hood”

One cornerstone of justice is equal standing before the law. It is symbolized in the statue of a blindfolded lady justice holding a set of scales. Almost nothing should matter but the act in a truly just system–not how rich you are, not the color of your skin, not your religion, not whether you helped write the legislation—just the act. And justice is largely blinded to the rest (with exception to intent, which is really part of the act). Obamacare fails in this regard. Well over a thousand waivers have been granted to the”politically well connected” since the law was written. Of course, one reason the law is 2,700 pages long is to carefully delineate winners and losers, so if they had just been a little more thorough the waivers would be unnecessary. But whether a law is inherently unjust or is applied unjustly is irrelevant. In either case the system is being abused and therefore people are being abused. It can be generally observed that it is those without a lot of political clout that always suffer and the winners are those who have both a presence and money in DC.

With government involvement in medicine over the last hundred years came restrictions on competition, protectionism and even mandated treatments. As economist Milton Friedman predicted in 1961, costs went up and quality suffered. Obamacare capitalizes on these problems and uses them as the excuse to concentrate more power and control, and those hurt the most in the long run are the poor. As the system becomes less and less functional, the poor will not have the resources to buy their way around waiting lines and treatment restrictions. Beware the government that pretends to be Robin Hood, since it is Prince John that has always been behind the mask when it is lifted.

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