Who Wrote Obamacare?

Every time law becomes more complex, confusing and bureaucratic there are winners and losers. Usually the winners helped author the law. We know that Obamacare was not written by the legislators, they had to pass it to see what was in it. We also know that it was not a grass roots effort. Twenty seven hundred pages of complex legal content do not just spring into being without lawyers and lots of them. I guess that just leaves lobbyists and special interest groups as the source of America’s most opaque legislation. It looks like, just as ethanol mandates, subsidies and trade barrier are to the corn lobby, Obamacare with its insurance mandates and subsidies will be to medical insurance insiders. Washington DC is an insiders game. During the financial crisis it was America’s biggest financial institutions that were bailed out, so now, in our government-caused medical crisis, our biggest insurers and drug manufacturer will have even more of an inside track. This intense, corrupt collaborative effort between big government and big business will not help either the poor or middle class. It will destroy competition, innovation, and market restraints on cost. While liberalism loves to accuse free market capitalism of greed, the truth is that free market capitalism is the answer to the greed problem. When businesses get too greedy the customers discipline them by patronizing someone else. Greed, however, is completely unrestrained when big government acts with its protection, subsidies, mandates, and bail outs. It always claims to be defending the little guy, but reality trumps rhetoric, and the reality is that big medicine and big insurance had lawyers at the table and we didn’t. So who does wine and dine our politicians? And who wines and dines and buys vacations for our doctors? And who the heck wrote Obamacare?

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