Obamacare and the BIG Picture

Have you noticed the irony? At least in our local media it’s constantly on display. One day they are telling us we are idiots if we don’t take all the money the government is dumping into PPACA, the next they are wringing their editorial hands over the fiscal cliff facing us in January, then the next they are once again assuring us the Federal government will be picking up the tab for Obamacare for years to come. Are we really this stupid?

Well, call me an idiot if you want for questioning Obamacare, because that is almost the sum total of the arguments for the program. But the arguments against it are powerful and numerous. Today lets look at one of them, the big financial picture.

We have more debt than we can possibly repay. We also have more debt than the 16 Trillion advertised, since the government doesn’t have to follow the accounting rules it enforces on others. But while that debt, that accumulation of reckless spending on our behalf by politicians, is big enough to forever change America, there is another that dwarfs it. The largest debt in the world, the other debt that not only compares with our national debt but actually dwarfs it, is the un-funded liability in Medicare, which is around 83 trillion and counting. This is how much government, if it followed the rules it properly imposes on businesses, should have saved up to cover Medicare commitments already made. This big financial picture is so out of whack that to add to the healthcare programs now, to expand them, is absurd! It is almost as if we can’t read or add anymore. Medicare is hopelessly bankrupt and to fix it we are expanding its sister program? Who are we going to bring in to guide us through the bankruptcy procedure when our government gets done with us? Do these guys in DC really not know that they are taking us deeper into crisis? Is this really just stupidity and greed, or is it betrayal by some? And why, why would they want us going through the financial disaster they are creating?

Note: this article is the first in a series on Obamacare written by Gresham Bouma, candidate for the Idaho Senate, District 5.

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