Why Big business Loves Intervention

Big, geriatric corporations love big government most of all because they hate competition, and by curbing it government helps them extend their life span. The free market is organic. It has a birth-death cycle that keeps it healthy. Just as in the human body where cells must die and be replaced by young, new cells for the body to stay healthy, the same happens in a free market economy. In a corporate fascist market/economy you have monopoly-sized businesses guilty of gross errors and corrupt practices being at times bailed out, as well as constantly afforded the protection of regulatory barriers to competition. The AIGs, Goldman Sachs, GMs, and GEs are all rewarded for their faithful service to the political class, and the middle class picks up the tab. This brief article explains a little of what goes on these days. This quote gives you a hint as to who the thugs are, and who gets mugged: "The consumer, who is also a taxpayer, ends up paying the government to rig prices against him."

One last point: some of the businesses that hate competition, and lobby effectively for regulatory protection and more, are in the "non-profit" category.
The purpose of market intervention | Gold Price News:: www.goldmoney.com/gold-research/alasdair-macleod/t…=gata

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