Audit the Fed Passes the House

Those who run the Fed, whoever they are, have gotten so good at alchemy lately that they don’t even have to mix ingredients to produce what can be exchanged for gold itself. But for some reason, not only do they want to remain anonymous, they also want absolutely no accountability whatsoever. Our politicians don’t want to mess with them either, since lately they are the biggest buyers of our debt, how could the politicians keep spending if the Fed didn’t financed it? The gig would be up. The charade would end. And who would want a gig this good to end. The banksters harvest wealth from all those who hold dollar denominated financial assets. The theft occurs so surreptitiously that no one even feels it. The banksters create it ex-nihilo, and the politicians borrow it with the promise we and our children will pay it off. It supplies food, beer, cigarettes, apartments, the newest version of the handicapped curb and all sorts of goodies to the masses until it doesn’t work any longer. If history were static and this could all go on, what a deal it would be. But it can’t work in the long run, and even the bought-off masses would be outraged to learn that the lion’s share of the take goes not to them, but the financial elite who walk off with Trillions while the masses, in all likelihood, get a thousand fold less. So lets see who the real winners are in this scam, and make sure Audit the Fed makes it through the Senate also!
Audit the Fed Passes! | Campaign for Liberty::…ses-0

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