So, It is the Tea Party’s Fault?

Let’s just say that the mainstream media and our government are successful at branding the grassroots movement known as the "Tea Party" as a dangerous, violent, even terrorist (according to some government reports) movement. What would the next repressive action look like? What is their ultimate goal? What ever the answer is to those questions, it is not pretty, but what is equally clear is that they fear this grass-roots movement or they would not be so hasty and clumsy in their smears. Remember, you get the government that you are willing to tolerate. When a significant portion of the populace will no longer tolerate the government we have, it will demand and get change. Unlike some systems of government, where that sort of action would be insurrection, in our system the right of the people to control the government is enshrined in our founding documents.
ABC, Ross Under Withering Fire for Tea Party Link to Shooting::…87E-1

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