In their dissenting opinion some of our SCOTUS justices said:”The Court has been informed by distinguished economists that the Act’s Individual Mandate
and Medicaid expansion would each increase revenues to the insurance industry by about $350 billion
over 10 years; that this combined figure of $700 billion is necessary to offset the approximately $700
billion in new costs to the insurance industry imposed by the Act’s insurance regulations and taxes; and
that the new $700 billion burden would otherwise dwarf the industry’s current profit margin.”

So the government has made it more expensive to insure the customer, and at the same time has guaranteed more revenue to the biggest players in insurance. For decades in Idaho we have kept a barrier up to insurance companies wanting to compete here. Suddenly the same people who have opposed free-market forces/reforms all along are claiming their heavily regulated and controlled exchange will result in more competition. I am afraid the public is getting lied to again. The only winners in this sleazy pact are big government and big corporate interests. It is time we found out who really wrote Obamacare, I think it would explain a lot of this corporate fascism.

Gresham Bouma

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