Support Idaho HB 578, (write a letter)

Dear Legislators,

With foreign Central Banks remonetizing gold (buying it for reserves, and reducing Dollar holdings), it would be sad if we were among the last people in the world to figure out what the Fed is doing to our currency. Maybe you-all don’t get it? It has been obvious for years that the Federal Government does not have the political courage to rein in spending, so will use the printing presses to extract every bit of wealth possible from all who store their wealth in dollar denominated financial assets. A perfect example of taxation without representation. This session you have another opportunity to protect a safe haven currency for your citizens in the form of gold and silver tender. I favor as broad protection as your stingy hearts (not all of you) will allow. There is not a bit of the citizen’s wealth that is safe from the thieves/politicians that consider themselves our benefactors and betters these days. Government creates inflation, calls it capital gains, and declares that we owe it tax on the inflation it created! Those who stand idly by are as guilty as the thieves themselves. I urge you not to be among the guilty and do what you can to protect citizens that elected you.

Impatiently yours,

Gresham Bouma

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