Here is The Recovery

When the Central Bank set interest rates below the rate of inflation several years ago they created negative real interest rates. In other words, they were paying people to go into debt. Since whatever govt subsidizes you get too much of, we got way too much debt, and are still struggling to recover. In fact, everywhere you look in the system, we have debt imploding while the govt continues its central control of interest rates set at less than the rate of inflation. It keeps fighting too much debt by subsidizing more of it. These policies are extremely dangerous and create a threat to the entire system which will be blamed on the free market by the liberal press, government officials and leftist academics. With lip service to free markets, we have become a centrally controlled and planned economy in many critical ways and are demonstrating once again that this Marxist idea is a deadly mistake.
Huge Spike in Repeat Foreclosures – CNBC::

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