Our Response to the War on the West

As the evidence mounts that we are in a struggle for the lives of our children, we need to develop strategies that have a chance of success. Just look at the evidence which indicates things are going to get really ugly. First every environmental tool available is used to destroy the rural economy. The wolf is just the most savage to date. Second, our government is training an army of dependents. The 44 million people on food stamps are being taught that they have the right to be taken care of, so we are being culturally prepared for the same kind of civil unrest that is common and intensifying in other socialistic countries. The food stamp program is just one of many programs developing dependency. Third, the power of the police state is growing, and they seem to be preparing for the possibility of civil unrest. Have you ever wondered why so many of the federal agencies now have swat teams? Why do you need guns and body armor to shut down a raw milk dairy, or a restaurant? Why the military equipment being distributed to local sheriff departments? Fourth, we have an economic shock coming when the government loses the ability to mask and defer the depression we are in. The virtual soup lines represented by the food stamp program are 44 million long. If people had to line up at a soup kitchen would we see it then?

We can see a large part of the enviro-socialist objective in the Agenda 21 map. The web sites promoting the Y to Y corridor indicates that they are confident enough to come out of the closet. If we don’t fight back now, we might as well start signing up for govt. benefits and prepare to move to sustainable development housing units. But if we are going to have any chance of success we need to have objectives ourselves and strategies that can both succeed and can be effective. Let me suggest some ways to fight back, while we still can, at the political level.

First we need to get very solid sheriffs in office. They have incredible latitude in protecting the life, liberty, and property of their constituents. I know a retired sheriff from Oregon who whenever a cougar was sighted in his county sent a hunter with hounds out to dispose of it since it was a threat to the ranchers. Recall the event where the local sheriff in Salmon Idaho stood off federal marshals when they wanted to arrest the elderly rancher over a dead wolf. If we filled every county in Idaho with men who understood our constitutional rights to life, liberty and property, we would have a fighting chance. What could the feds do if every county had an Arpaio in office?

Second, we need to get men in state and local office who understand state sovereignty, and the constitutional rights I mentioned above. We can’t settle for less in our state legislature, our attorney general, and the governor’s office. We have some men like Phil Hart, Dick Harwood and others, but they need to be the majority, and need to know that we are behind them.

In other words we need men like our founding fathers who are willing to risk their lives, honor, and treasure for the life, liberty and property of those they represent. Our Christian founders believed that that those rights, which flow from the natural (moral) law were universal in nature. In other words every human, in all places, at all times, is born with them since they are granted by the Creator. Our statist college texts teach that our rights come from government. If that is true then none of them are unalienable and can be granted and disposed of at will. The Secular Humanism promoted by this view of man and government is also inspiring the idea that humans are just another species out of control, a soul-less animal, threatening the planet, which needs to be culled. Well, I am not ready to abandon the principles of liberty that were enumerated in the Magna Carta and came to full blossom here in America, and I hope that you are not either. Frankly, we stand no more chance than the colonists did against England, but the God of the Bible is a God of miracles who loves to prove His power on behalf of those who trust Him enough to act with strength and courage.

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