World’s Financial System’s Inherent Instability

The world’s financial system is like a pyramid standing on its tip. It’s inherent instability is becoming obvious. Chunks are starting to fall off. The crumpling tip it rests on is the full faith and credit of governments and the integrity of big businesses like Goldman. It is composed of men like Corzine, Bernanke, Weiner, and Soros. They have developed something like a big casino with no legal oversight. The only risk for the”house” is that the gamblers and those that work the business for them (the citizens) realize how rigged the game is, and they lose control. They create their worthless paper certificates at will with no labor, and the people slave away to collect a few of them. The complex labyrinth of derivatives and debt is a load that the rotten tip of the pyramid cannot hope to support.

To create a stable system you must build the financial system on honest money, money that cannot be created”ex nihilo”. The unit of exchange then can only come into existence through human labor, and has integrity from the start. Such a system does not lend itself to the top-heavy growth of government and big business if a free market is allowed to discipline the corrupt and inefficient. Such a system once existed in America when men still believed in the critical truth upon which the”rule of law” existed. They believed that there was a supreme Ruler and Lawgiver before whom all men, even those in government stood equally accountable. The Natural Law these men confessed in our founding documents did not originate with men, and therefor no man was above the law. Once that foundation is abandoned the only option you are left with is that men are the source of the law, and in every case where that is true, those same men will make the law begin to serve their own interests. The broad base of distributed power designed by our Founding Fathers has been completely replaced by a system of concentrated power residing with corrupt, selfish men. My hope is that as this pyramid crumbles those men at the tip will be crushed in its fall. I pray we will once again build a system with a broad base of distributed power and sound money carrying a small load of government commissioned with no more or less than preserving justice based on a Christian ethic. If that happens the pyramid will be set on its base.

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