The War on Raw Milk Dairies

I would consider starting a raw milk dairy myself were it not for the threat of the FDA swat team showing up and dumping all my livelihood. The Estrellas were raided by the FDA, their production shut down, and were told to keep their cheese for evidence until the govt. got around to needing it. But cheese molds, so eventually they had to clean their cave out…and now they are also being charged for destroying evidence. In reality, what has been destroyed is their lives. Their award winning cheese business has bankrupted them since the cows kept eating, but the milk was suddenly contraband. How will this couple feed their bunch of adopted kids? While some of the liberals protest these acts, this is a direct result of abandoning a civil order based on a Christian worldview/moral and ethical system. This is what you get when government becomes the author of the law and sheds all accountability to the supreme law giver.
FDA Goes KGB | Help the Estrella Family Creamery:…s-kgb

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