Great Article on the Current Financial Chaos

This article was written before the gold and silver smashing of the last several days. Let me just point out the obvious on the gold and silver market action. First of all there was no event in the physical market for the metals that could justify this kind of action, so the price take-down was driven in the paper market. That market dwarfs the real market. It is nothing but paper instruments that are derivatives of the metals. All the concentration is in the derivatives market, and concentration is used to manipulate. Physical demand has been steadily growing at every price level so far, so it really looks like something engineered in the paper market. This is part of a battle to the death for fiat currencies and the parties fighting for survival are big government, big banking, some giant international corporations that need both of the others to remain in business. In other words all the current power brokers are desperately trying to keep everyone else enslaved with their fraudulent currencies, and the grass roots is beginning to rebel.
Financial Warfare | ZeroHedge:

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