Obama’s Balance

For most of America, a balanced approach to finances means you don’t spend more than you bring in. In other words your expenses don’t exceed your revenue. I am all in favor of a balanced approach in DC as well. But in their twisted world a balanced approach doesn’t mean anything close to what we would call balance. For them balance means placing more burdens on the private sector just as the weight of government is crushing the life out of it. It means trusting the government with more of our increasingly hard earned wages, not in spite of its incompetence, but because of its incompetence. It demands to be rewarded with more of our earnings, not in spite of the fact that it has wasted and mismanaged everything we have given it so far, but because it has wasted and mismanaged far, far more than we have already given it. In the working sector, businesses and people that prove themselves untrustworthy, wasteful, and full of fraud are disciplined—soon finding themselves out of business (unless government bails them out), but in the land of ever-growing bureaucracies those attributes apparently merit a raise.

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