Parallel Universe

‘In the world I live in I work my butt off in order to pay all my taxes, insurance, feed, shelter and cloth my family. If this video is even half true it is a glimpse into how our government can spend 1.6 Trillion more than it brings in per year. Its official spending exceeds revenues by about 69 percent each year lately. That is just the official numbers. With the official debt numbers up by about 4 Trillion in two years, it is actually worse than 1.6 Trillion per year. And that is just the official debt numbers. It doesn’t include the debt from the bailout of Fanny and Freddy. Wake up America. Your government doesn’t tell you the truth. Hell, it doesn’t even believe Truth exists so why should it stick to it? Or maybe the problem is that it doesn’t believe Hell exists, so is free to start "organizing" it here on earth.

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