Why Central Planning Can’t Work

One of the mantras of the left is that as the economy in our country has grown more complex and inter-related, only a fool would assume it could work without government management. In other words, the free market was great for the founding fathers, but things are just too complex now to work on there own, and government oversight is necessary. While it might sound reasonable at first, the statement is as illogical as the rest of leftist thinking (sorry for the oxymoron). When has the government been able to run a lemonade stand well, let alone something as complex as an economy? And the more complex the economy gets, the more information it would take for central planning to work. In fact to compete with the free market which responds to the information and needs of all its participants in its own decentralized manner, central planning would have to collect almost infinite amounts of information, correctly analyze it, and get all the correct information to all the correct places in a timely manner so that resources would be efficiently allocated and human needs met. In other words, God would have to take up full time residence in DC, because central planning requires omniscience for it to work well. I don’t think He is interested. In fact, I don’t think He approves of the fraud, deceit, theft, lies and so forth, which characterize our current government. The government, whose job it is to protect our lives, our liberty, and our property, has instead become the biggest threat to all three of the fundamental God given rights.

Speaking of the government assuming god-like attributes, it sounds like the Fed is hinting at another round of Quantitative Easing, to”stimulate” the economy. This unofficial part of our government whose job it is to manage the public currency for private gain all behind smoke, curtains and mirrors seems to believe it can create wealth out of nothing, just like the Creator. For the humanist it must work because we are smarter, wiser and better in every way than all those who came before, and therefor”it’s going to be different this time”. Nothing can stop the upward trend of history in the liberal humanist’s world; it doesn’t matter how many times the same thing has failed in the past, or how many mutually exclusive”truths” they have to simultaneously believe. While it only takes a mustard seed’s worth of faith to please the God of the Bible, to believe in our government’s competence and virtue would take something more than 14 Trillion dollar’s worth of faith. Maybe I just need to apply for food stamps, sign up for unemployment, write a government grant and enroll my land with the Dept. of Ag and I will finally understand.

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