On Corporate Welfare

The average liberal believes that big corporations run everything, and they turn to big government as the solution. What liberals fail to realize it is only possible for large corporations to do so in America because we have abandoned the idea of limited government. If DC really stuck to the specific enumerated powers delegated to it constitutionally, all the lobbyists would be out of a job there. And if the federal and state governments did not erect regulatory barriers to entry into business, promoted by the big industrial players, the big boys would go through capitalisms life cycle and expire, while small, efficient, agile, competitive businesses would take their place, creating jobs, profits (gasp), and societal wealth. Speaking of profits, I admit, some are evil. Profits that are government created, protected and subsidized, like GE’s are evil. They are ongoing taxpayer sponsored bailouts to the politically powerful, large, well connected Corporations.

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