Wolves Will Prove a Huge Economic Factor for Western US

It is pathetic that "non-profits" make a killing on this predator that has contributed to draining parts of Idaho of their economic vitality. Since ranching and the sports recreation industry bring in outside dollars their economic impact is far greater than the initial gross revenue they generate. In other words what they bring in supports a lot of other business as well. This editorial addresses the wolf issue broadly and well. Consider the following quote speaking of the Equal Access to Justice Act: "This very abused federal program allows these "not for profit" organizations to file for reimbursement of their legal costs to keep environmental issues, including wolves, bogged down in court." In other words these "non-profits" make money on our destruction, and the money they get comes from us via the Federal Government. Nice.

Montana Mountain Chronicle: WOLF STEW STINKS!!!: mtnchronicle.blogspot.com/2011/05/wolf-stew-stinks….html

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