Current \”Recovery\” Wearing Thin

"The truth is that a double-dip recession was temporarily held in abeyance through a massive government effort to boost consumption." So says the article. Don’t miss the last two paragraphs. The ability to expand America’s government to fill the void of a shrinking private sector, and to create temporary economic growth, is lost. For decades the public sector has been the engine of growth, masking serious economic problems. We have not had a real recovery in the last decade, and are not experiencing one now. Remember the last "recovery" that created the debt bubble/housing bubble? How did that manipulation work out for us? This intervention with massive government spending, negative real interest rates, and insane money supply expansion shows all the signs of the classic blow off phase of an accelerating and unsustainable trend. Just look at charts of total US debt, and the money supply.

Double-dip recession is now undeniable Outside the Box – MarketWatch:…_news

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