Soro’s Conference Concludes with Call for new World Reserve Currency

Isn’t it interesting that the prime mover and organizer behind this conference, Soros himself, is not even mentioned in this article calling for a new world reserve currency. All the policies Soros promotes through his prominent leftist political organizations exacerbate the financial imbalances that this article cites as reasons to abandon the dollar as world reserve currency. It is the assailant stepping in as savior. Now that government has proven untrustworthy, we just need to trust the international bankers? The magnitude of the crimes taking place in the open boggles the mind. The mainstream press is clearly with the enemy on this, or Soros would be exposed a million times over. This open attempt by new world order proponents, taking place on the site where the current international monetary agreement was reached, speaks of there brazen confidence in achieving their wicked objectives.

Stiglitz Calls for New Global Reserve Currency to Prevent Trade Imbalances – Bloomberg:….html

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