The demonization begins

The free market oil companies are immediately being set up as the scapegoat for high oil prices in the mainstream press. Our biggest oil companies are tiny players in a market dominated by sovereign oil companies many times their size. The price is openly manipulated by OPEC and the free-market companies get the blame while they don’t even have a seat at the table. The current administration shuts down the gulf of Mexico, and capitalism is at fault? Helicopter Ben plays games with the dollar, and all commodities are volatile, and the oil companies are the first suspect? The liberals oppose any energy development anywhere, or any activity (like moving equipment through Idaho) that supports it, and we blame the oil companies as prices climb? Big government and big media are marching in military lockstep. If you want prices to come down turn the private sector loose, in a responsible way, on our resources. The day we do that is the day that market expectations change, and that will affect price.…24824

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