What disappoints me most about HB 117 not being passed out of committee is what it indicates about the vision and understanding of our senators who oppose it. They fail to understand the economic danger that we are in. The financial state of the economy is not a fringe issue. There is no necessity to believe in any conspiracy. You simply have to believe that two plus two still equals four, that history does indeed rhyme, that ultimately the borrower is slave to the lender. All the information necessary to indict our government can be sourced from its own sites. There is no indication that the Federal Government will make the draconian cuts necessary to maintain solvency, and even if it did, the hardship those cuts would create would be historic. To continue to print and spend will prove even worse. Obamacare should be opposed with every tool available, including nullification, because it is a reckless and dangerous piece of legislation. The economic destruction it represents would be bad enough in the best of times, but these are not the best of times. We are perched on a precipice and it is time to guard every bit of economic strength we have. The biggest threat to the people of Idaho is the out of control Federal Government, and if our state government does not act to protect us, who will? I place no hope in judges collecting checks from the federal government to restrain their employer.

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