Response to the Idaho Attorney General’s Opposition to Nullification

I think we should take our Attorney General’s caution about the dangers of a patchwork of federal regulation seriously. Just think of it! There would be parts of the country free of the economically smothering presence of the federal bureaucrats, and other parts in which businesses were still being suffocated. Just think of the confusion that would introduce in the legal sector. And what about the inequitable distribution of employment as the more free parts of the country recovered and the rest went to Hell in hand basket? It just simply would not be fair to let central planning develop this kind of inconsistency. But wait. Are not over 700 entities granted waivers to get out of Obamacare? That sounds like tremendous inconsistency already. Is that not already a patchwork, when the law, which should be blindly and consistently applied, is only applied to those who do not have the political power to get from underneath it? Since it takes political pull with this administration to get that waiver, it looks like some of the same bunch that helped craft the bill are getting exempted, just like the legislators themselves!

I view nullification as a win-win for both the federal and state government. The federal government needs to cut at least 1.5 Trillion from its annual budget just in order to break even. State nullification helps the federal government identify savings, and it helps the states create a business atmosphere in which people can get back to work. Maybe western states could begin to develop their energy resources more freely, before the Middle East blows up entirely and America’s transportation grinds to a deadly halt because we have allowed our resources to be placed out of reach by omnipresent federal bureaucracies. GO NULLIFICATION!

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