Federal foray Into Student Loans

Currently the only category of debt growing is student loans. It begs the question: why did the government step in to the student loan market and goose it? It is not because it will turn the economy around. When the average student graduates with the economy still in the doldrums it’s been in for ten years, they won’t have jobs to round out the knowledge they gained in college. No, the only reasonable explanation is that the left is trying to create dependency so that societies most volatile sector will be used to demanding what they want from government. The left has observed Europe and likes what it sees. Unreasonable? How could it be any other way? The left always observes Europe and likes what it sees. They constantly point at Europe’s laws, economic policies, healthcare systems, etc. and say that the US is the only advanced, modern country to not…

To grow any category of loans right now could not be because you want them paid back. The market clearly has way more debt than it can service, so lets reject that possibility. No. It is just one last area in which the hard left can generate some more instability. And the social program that”higher education” has degenerated into is the tool of choice.

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