Why Reward Incompetence, Corruption and Betrayal?

As we head into the coming crisis brought on by our own government, we need to consider some important questions. Even as government solutions are failing us, we will be urged and tempted to trust government institutions with more power, authority and revenue.

But does Social Security have any security at all? We should all recognize that it is a system heading into crisis. In the year 2009 we had about 10 people entering the work force for every individual retiring. By 2023 we will have 10 people retiring for every person entering the work force. We have known this for years, yet recently big government Republicans under Bush’s leadership compounded the problem by adding (socialized) old age drug”benefits”, a huge bribe/gift to the pharmaceuticals guaranteeing sales without free market cost/profit constraints. State pension systems around the nation are in no better shape than the national one, the result of years of state politicians making politically expedient promises paid for in the future with other peoples earnings.

Is education in any better shape? The solution is always to centralize more power, control and curriculum. It does not seem to matter that the more we do so, the worse the system performs.

How about the decision to trust politicians with our currency? In 1913 they gave control over to the banksters in order to avoid some short term fluctuations in liquidity. Since then liquidity is the solution to everything with debt and inflation threatening the viability of our entire system and institutions like Goldman Sachs walking away with world record government sponsored and protected profits. And they don’t even thank the taxpayer.

How about energy policy? How are the socialists doing at that? Lobbying recently directed critical financial resources into ethanol, making us less secure and more dependent on imports, meanwhile the same government interferes with domestic energy development in the West, Alaska, and the Gulf of Mexico. As the dollar loses its status as the world
reserve currency, we will have to give as much as we get in international trade. How will we afford the fuel we need to function as an economy?

Socialism is Communism by evolution instead of revolution. Their plan is working wonderfully. They do not have a conspiracy, rather an agenda which can be documented. You can look up their plans by reading Cloward & Piven, Saul Alinsky, John Dewey, the Fabian Societies ideas…

For us the real question is, as government institutions fail and betray us completely, are we going to trust them with more power, authority and revenue? Or will we turn back toward freedom, individual responsibility, unalienable rights, rule of law…in short the constitutionally limited government we once had and prospered under?

Gresham Bouma

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