Side With Citizen Involvement Attacking

Side With Citizen Involvement

Attacking someone you don’t know and have never spoken to has its advantages–you can say anything since you know almost nothing at all. To say I don’t care about older people is just one of many false accusations leveled at me by Vera White [various INK columns]. My favorite part of campaigning has been meeting with retired folks. I deeply value the older generation and believe in honoring them. My world is enriched by lifelong friendships with them, their great wisdom and wonderful stories, and I visit nursing homes regularly. I hope our retired community will forgive me for wanting to bring my complete message in my own format rather than AARP’s. Those who have heard me speak may recall that one of my legislative goals is to keep our parents and grandparents from losing their residences if property taxes keep escalating beyond their ability to pay. Rising property taxes are a tremendous burden for those on fixed incomes, as many elderly can attest.

My opposition calls me a tea party candidate, a great evil in their eyes. The ‘tea party’ is a disorganized nationwide grassroots movement composed of Democrats, Republicans and Independents…common people fed up with big government politicians from both parties. To attack the tea party is to attack the very idea of citizen involvement in government. These attacks seek to protect big, bloated, powerful government from the average mom, dad, grandma and grandpa who feel outraged at the debt shackling our future. Is accountability and transparency too much to demand from government? In this David & Goliath struggle, Vera and much of the media champion Goliath. I urge voters to stand for the Davids, for the people and for liberty.
Gresham Bouma
for Idaho Senate District 6
sent 10/6/10, published in Moscow-Pullman Daily News on 10/12/10

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